Most Effective Tactic To Going With Surf Van

Most Effective Tactic To Going With Surf Van. Bored with the honeymoon concept that is always identified by staying in a 5-star hotel and relaxing on the beach, we, Adam & Susan, different country couples choose to create an unusual honeymoon concept. Backpackneymoon, that’s the new term we’ve created, inspired by honeymoon a la backpacking.

The backpacking element we take is pressing the budget so that it can travel (in this case honeymoon) longer. If the honeymoon usually only lasts between a few days to a week, we choose to honeymoon for two months. The chosen destination is not a beach with a tropical atmosphere, but a country that is experiencing winter. From mid June 2012 to mid August 2012, we toured New Zealand and Australia using campervan. New Zealand was chosen to be the first destination country because Susan did aspire to go there with reason to want to see snow.

In addition to traveling using a backpack, campervan was chosen as a means of transportation as well as accommodation. In New Zealand we rent a campervan for 22 days to explore the South Island and North Island. Having been hampered by the issue of transit visa in Australia, we arrived in Christchurch at different times because Susan was forced to change flight routes from Singapore to Auckland and Christchurch without transit in Australia. The adventures of using campervan at a cost of rent of 24 NZD per day starting from Christchurch then heading south. Traveling with campervan is an exciting new experience for us, because every night we have to tidy up the back of the car and turn it into a bed. Not to mention the occasional cooking event in the car was so cold outside.

Colored with snow and cold weather, we visit Dunedin, Milford Sound (popular New Zealand tourist site), Queenstown, Pancake Rocks and are lucky to see the rare yellow-eyed penguins and seals in the wild. Using the ferry, we crossed from South Island to the North Island and continued the exploration to Cape Reinga (the northernmost point on the North Island). On North Island we visited Thermal Park in Rotorua and Waitomo Caves with its cool limestone formations and glowworm.

After exploring the North Island, we left New Zealand via Auckland and flew to Sydney, where Adam came from. From there, we re-plan spontaneously on a road trip trip using campervan. Had time to try hitchhiking, but it did not work because many did not advise hitchhiking in Australia and it was cold so it was a bit unpleasant to stand on the side of the road for too long. Finally we hired a campervan for 18 days to explore Australia to the Red Center (central Australia).